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Who is Rent A Roof West ?

In short, we manage your rentals! We specialize in managing your investment be it a flat, house, office or complex on your behalf, ensuring your tenant has all they need and pay their accounts on a monthly basis.  We also sell properties on behalf of the owners, ensuring that you get the right price!! Not only that, but we are offering service excellence at an affordable price!!

Why use Rent A Roof West?

  • We take the frustration out of placements, no time waisters, full credit background check ensuring quality placement quickly and efficiently.
  • Management of your property can be time consuming and frustrating, We at Rent A Roof are up to speed on all the current rules and regulations ensuring that your tenants do not take chance and avoiding money loss for our clients.
  • It is a very difficult industry which is strictly governed by the Estate Agents Affairs Board, and you will need someone with knowledge to protect and run your investments
  • A legal service is offered to all our clients, so that if your tenant pays late, we can respond timeously and correctly.
  • We at Rent A Roof understand that owners have legal needs in leu of tax submissions and therefore create ease by producing ITB3’s on your units as well as a full financial report for your annual turnover, including expenses, on your property when requested at no additional charge.
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