Rent a Roof


About Us

RENT-A-ROOF WEST specializes in Asset Management, Rentals, Sales of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Properties.  We have been in business since 2004.  We pride ourselves in service excellence.  Tenants are screened before introducing them to owners.  All credentials are verified and checked. Every caution is taken to protect our landlords from loss on their investments.

“To be an Empowered, Total Asset management Company that provide Excellent service to Landlords & Property Investors according to their needs.”



Firstly, the majority of Lessor’s, like yourselves, simply do not have the time to advertise & take prospective tenants to view your property.  Furthermore, the screening & authenticating of prospective tenants is costly and time-consuming.  In addition, it is imperative that proper paperwork is provided and updated leases are made available to clients for signing.

We constantly evaluate the current Rental Market and eliminate any frustration and empty promises on fictitious promises of over expected rentals or Sales prices that are obtainable, resulting in you having to re-advertise your property, time and again, and units not being filled, or sold.  We thus price the properties, according to market related values. This ensures efficient, successful closing of transactions.  As prospective clients, inquire about the listed properties, our consultants are at hand, to personally take them to view your property at arranged times.  Feedback will always be provided.

Above all, we provide:

  • Yearly financial documents
  • ITB 3 as per Tax requirements
  • Auditors’ reports
  • Property asset management and financial statements
  • Landlord expense accounts
  • Landlord income Due accounts
  • Landlord Deposit accounts
  • Asset Group Accounts
  • Maintenance and renovations services and records of TAX implications

By making use of Rent a Roof West services, you as Landlord/investor, are assured that our Professional Consultants, market your property and obtain the best possible prices, according to the value of your property and keeping up with the latest market trends.

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